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MRT Open 700

MBST Capacity Doubled

We have recently taken delivery of our second Open 700 MBST machine. The Open 700 is the latest generation technology and currently only three machines are available in the UK.

New Mobile Friendly Design

New Website Launched

After several months in the making, our new website is finally ready to be released on the world. By this point you will likely of noticed the difference, but here a just a few of the things we have changed. Increased Sharing Options Just seen an article that you have found useful, well let everyone…

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Treatment of Osteoarthritis with MBST – A 10 Year Study

MBST MBST was developed in Germany in the 1990’s as a derivative of MRI technology. For a cell to function and survive it needs a constant supply of adequate energy. MBST saturates targeted cells with energy, which stimulates the growth of new cells. Thus in areas where body tissue, such as cartilage or bone, has…

MRT Open 700

MBST 5 Year Follow Up

NHS Orthopaedic Surgeon “ I have never seen anything like this” “Based on your Xray five years ago you should have crawled in here on your hands and knees, begging for the hip surgery but you walked in here with only a minor discomfort”

MRT Open 700

Free Osteoarthritis Treatment

NEW – LATEST GENERATION MBST We are very pleased to announce that in late March we will be taking delivery of the next generation of MBST technology for treating Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.  The improvements will provide the opportunity to treat larger areas of the body, which will in turn provide a cost saving to you.…

Nicky Snazell Pain relief Clinic Butterfly

The Story Behind Our Logo

Our logo design has profound meaning to us as it encapsulates our values and beliefs and the very soul of our clinic. The logo is based on a butterfly, which exists in four distinct forms and importantly, since ancient times has symbolised the transformation from one stage of life to the next, plus the calm acceptance…

Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

Nicky is proud to introduce our new loyalty card scheme.

Fitness & Exercise Pillar

Nicky Snazell offers her views on the Fitness & Exercise Pillar of the Optimum Health Parthenon in this article originally published in Staffordshire Life.

Nicky Snazell

Why You Get Back and Neck Pain

With our hectic modern lifestyle, there can be so many reasons why we don’t have a healthy spine. As I have explored in my previous articles, keeping healthy involves four key things; state of mind, diet, exercise and posture. The spinal cord and nerve roots are housed in a bony structure, the spine, to minimise…

Andy Pyatt

Cycling Injuries | Avoidance

Unless you fall off, cycling is a sport that causes very little, if any impact injury and is relatively body-friendly. On the road, there’s no impact to jar your joints as you would find in running.  In mountain bike riding, although there is still no direct impact there is an element of vibrational force depending…