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MRT or Magnetic Resonance Treatment 'Stafford'

Magnetic Resonance Treatment Harrogate, MRT is often used to reduce pain and suffering with many common conditions such as Osteoarthritis and it is used to aid in recovery in sports injuries for example.

What is MRT?  & How Does MRT Work?

MRT stands for Magnetic Resonance Treatment and is also known as MBST. It uses the same technology principles as MRI but for treatment rather than imaging.

MRT works by saturating the targeted cells with energy, which is thought to stimulate cell growth and by so doing uniquely be directed at the root cause of a problem.

  • Pain Free
  • Risk Free
  • Non Invasive
  • Non Claustrophobic
  • Silent

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Where can MRT be used?

Most joints in the body can be treated including:

  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand
  • Hip, knee, ankle & foot
  • Spinal facet joints
Magnetic Resonance Therapy stafford
MRT Stafford

So what do our customers think about our MRT Stafford services?

Here are some more testimonials?

Customer reviews see how it could work for you, MRT has been changing lives.


"The double blind controlled MBST® efficacy study by the independent Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for rheumatic diseases convinced me to offer this therapeutic form of treatment to my patients. My own experience in selected rheumatologic indications appear to confirm the study results in everyday clinical use."

Dr. Aglas,  Salzburg / Austria

"MBST® has really convinced us because of the broad range of indications, reaching from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders of the bones up to injuries of tendons and ligaments."

Dr. Arndt and Dr. Struck Celle / Germany

"MBST® is a successful treatment method for changes to the joints in the context of osteoarthritis. It is non-invasive and easy to use for the patients. The high proportion of patients who have undergone an additional treatment series in subsequent years confirms the treatment principle."

Dr. Berend-Tuege Berendsen Mönkeberg / Germany

"MBST® is a very modern method which supplements my surgical and conservative practice. The majority of my patients are satisfied with MBST®.The method is a perfect complement to my range oftreatment."

Dr. Biglmaier Berlin / Germany