Meet Nicky Snazell


asp_8571International presenter and instructor on health, wellbeing and pain relief.

Author of a series of heath books.
Consultant physiotherapist in pain relief.

From an early age Nicky has shown a keen interest in healing and helping others. During her teens, experiencing her mothers suffering, set her off a quest to resolve this.

She graduated in Biological Sciences 1988, specialising in cellular physiology and psychology. She then went on to graduate in Physiotherapy in 1991.

Then started a 25 year program of studying alternative medicine, and studying, teaching and presenting this internationally.

She is the founder of 3 health companies and still  treats in 3 of her clinics embracing wholistic physiotherapy, healthy living and new technology for joint repair.

In her first book ’the 4 keys to Health’ she shared her extensive knowledge of how the public could improve their health through lifestyle changes. This goes into more depth in the Human Garage Trilogy.

Nicky is a twice award winner from iSTOP and AACP. She was awarded these for her unrelenting commitment and her outstanding cutting edge approach to treating, and presenting internationally at seminars, radio and writing about health.