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Facet Joint Lock

Osteoarthritic SpineFacet joints in the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar) can become locked due to muscle going into spasm or a fold occurring in the joint meniscus. This can be caused by a movement or injury recently or some time before. Movement will be restricted depending on the position the joint was locked. To gain range of motion other joints near the lock, will tend to be excessively moved and so pain will ensue near the lock or sometimes on the opposite side.

If a facet joint in the neck is locked it can cause symptoms in the neck and into the arms. A lumbar facet joint lock can cause sciatica symptoms. Lack of core stability muscle control is a prime cause of lumbar facet joint lock.

Diagnosis is by physiotherapy assessment

Treatment options are: physiotherapy, mobilisations, manipulation, core stability, rehab & exercisesacupunctureshockwave, massage