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Could you have Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA), which the most common type of arthritis, is wear and tear in the smooth cartilage protecting the bones in joints. This eventually leads to bone erosion, bone spurs and unsightly bony end thickening. The joint juice (synovial fluid), swells and becomes inflamed and sticky. The attacked bone haemorrhages precious calcium. The result tends…


Back Pain Relief Testimonial

How Nicky Snazell changed my life, giving me back pain relief and a new sense of perspective.  “I was resigned to a lifetime of maintenance treatment, constant pain and not being able to do what I wanted. Now I’m doing all the things I want to do, I’m pain-free and I haven’t needed hands-on treatment…

From House Bound To Machu Picchu

From House Bound To Machu Picchu

Carol’s problems first started over 30 years ago with a lot of joint pain, subsequently diagnosed as a form of osteoarthritis which was only transferable down the female line. Over the following years her condition deteriorated and she was put on a cocktail of drugs, none of which really helped, but which made her feel…


Cartilage can it repair?

Read Nicky’s latest publication on cartilage and will it repair. Find out in this article.

Anton Narcisi

Team Spotlight: Anton Narcisi

Sports Therapist Anton has worked in the service industry all his life and from a very young age has had a keen interest in sport. He started boxing at age 11 and for several years boxed at local club and county level. Later he spent 10 years learning Jujutsu and this came to an end…

MRT Stafford

Back pain, relief from the most common cause of disability in the UK

  Back pain is the most common cause of disability, so how do you get back pain relief? In this page, we look at back pain relief and how this effects you. We also discuss the best solutions and make recommendations for those who are suffering. There is also a case study example of how…

An introduction to USANA InCelligence Technology®

An introduction to USANA InCelligence Technology®

USANA InCelligence Technology® is intelligent supplement design. It’s a nutritional technology—not a single product or a product line. InCelligence is a platform for creating products that support optimal cellular health through a natural process called cell signaling.* This technology utilizes molecular targeting of nutrients to optimize cellular function. Key nutrients, scientifically proven to be effective…

9 Things You Should Consider Before You Choose Your Therapist

9 Things You Should Consider Before You Choose Your Therapist

Whatever your reason for seeking help, whether it is because you have had a recent or a long term injury, you probably want an immediate reduction. Better yet, you’re looking for a complete elimination of your pain, plus improved flexibility, to give you a much improved quality of life, while allowing you to do the…


Using Food as Medicine to Stay Out of Pain

We all overindulge at times, and eat unhealthily especially when busy and stressed up, I know I do. Especially with the run up to intense work deadlines. A recent feeling of exhaustion combined with an expanding waist line sent me hurtling into the greenhouse this May Bank weekend, to gather up some fresh greens to…


Blog The Soul Book April 2017

“The mind of the perfect man looks like a mirror – something that doesn’t lean forward or backward in its response to the world. It responds to the world but conceals nothing of its own. Therefore it is able to deal with the world without suffering pain.” – Chuang-Tzu Within the covers of this book…